System for Award Management (SAM)

System for Award Management (SAM)

SAM has not only made changes to their web interface and user experience but also the final retirement of the DUNS number, being replaced by the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). The plethora of changes over the last 18 months has made the renewal process more cumbersome, once your entity works through the new requirements future changes should be a breeze.

The first change you will notice is that SAM is requiring entities update their MPIN prior to renewing, there are new security requirements.
Once your MPIN is updated you will answer a few general questions about renewing the entity, The new process requires documentation about the entity since Dun & Bradstreet are no longer the database that is being utilized for company matches.

Validating your entity is trickier than it should be, you have two options:

  1. Match with an entity SAM provides
  2. Choose the “my entity is not listed option”

When choosing option one you must ensure that all aspects listed are an exact match to your entity information, this includes reviewing the company name to be exact. (i.e Corp vs Corporation)

These small differences will have a trickle-down affect on your government contracts and been causing major headaches. 

If you need to choose option 2– this is where the Federal Service Desk is required to review your entity documents and either agree that there is no match or offer a match. The issue is that, from our experience, the FSD is not doing a great job reviewing the documents and has been trying to match entities with incorrect information.

You will need to provide documentation that includes the following:

You must attach one or more official documents that prove each of the items listed.

  • Legal business name and physical address in the same document.
  • Legal business name and U.S. state of incorporation in the same document
  • Legal business name and start year in the same document.

The documents you provide may additionally include:

  • Legal business name and doing business as name in the same document

Acceptable documents include:

These new steps are lengthening the SAM renewal process.

The Capitol 50 team can assist with getting through this process and taking the follow up time off your plate.

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