Brian Purgert, and Cristi Suhadolnik, our management team, are focused on the different contracting vehicles that the Federal Government is turning to for purchasing and will continue to keep the industry involved and our team at the forefront of that change. With their combined decades of experience our team will continue to offer a turnkey solution to clients, making us the innovator of our industry.

We offer consulting on any aspect of government procurement. Our employees understand the different ways to sell to the government and can provide consulting to any company that wants to do business with federal, state or local government agencies.

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Brian A. Purgert

Brian has been an integral part of the business since our predecessor was incorporated in 1990 and continues to lead the team through the transition to Capitol 50. With Brian’s leadership, the business has evolved with the industry, and our company continues to be the innovator of government contracting.

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Cristi Suhadolnik
Vice President

Cristi helps you understand the government marketplace. She specializes in assisting our clients achieve government sales success by ensuring their contracts are setup correctly for their business goals. Her advanced knowledge of training and human resource related functions, as well as her Bachelor’s in Marketing, gives her the ability to manage your important business partnerships.