Federal Supply Schedule (VA)

What is a Federal Supply Schedule?

The VA Schedules are multiple award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts that allows businesses to sell their medical products and/or services to government agencies. The main goal with a VA Schedule is to completely streamline the buying process by having all the information up front so all buyers have to do is make a decision.

The application process to get on a VA Schedule can be complex because the VA makes a strong effort to effectively vet all prospective sellers and their pricing before they’re given a contract. The VA Program includes negotiated firm fixed pricing based on a commercial “most favored customer” pricing concept.  

The VA FSS Program can open up  a world of government buying opportunities, within the Department of Veteran Affairs but all Federal agencies can purchase from the Schedules Program. 

There are nine different Schedules you can apply for, which one will determine where your product/service offering will fall:

  • 65 I B- Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, & Hematology Related Products
  • 65 II A- Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • 65 II F- Patient Mobility Devices
  • 65 II C- Dental Equipment & Supplies
  • 65 VII- Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits, & Test Sets
  • 65 V A- X-Ray Equipment & Supplies
  • 66 III- Cost-Per-Test, Clinical Laboratory Analyzer
  • 621 I- Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services
  • 621 II- Medical Laboratory Testing & Analysis Services

Are you Eligible?

Before you can apply for a VA Contract, you’ll need to determine if your business is eligible:

  • Have a minimum of two (2) years of corporate experience in providing services relative to this solicitation.
  • Be able to demonstrate that your firm is responsible.
  • Meet all the requirements of the solicitation. – varies by VA schedule
  • Be able to fulfill all contract obligations outlined in the solicitation.
  • Make sure the company is financially sound.
  • Compliant with the Trade Agreement Act
  • Have a plan to reach the annual sales requirement of $25k

Why Hire a consultant?

We equate submitting your offer to the VA much like completing your taxes; it is a process that you are very capable to complete on your own however you might not have the time to dedicate or want that expert opinion.

The Capitol 50 Team’s goal is to make this as easy as a process as possible for you and your team. Not only are we entering the data into the correct GSA documents, we are also consulting to ensure the contract is setup the most advantageous way possible. This includes decision that need to be made such as:

  • Commercial Sales Practices
    • Tracking Customer Information
    • Manufacturer Commercial Sales Practices
  • Cost build up requirements
  • Letter of Supply Requirements
  •  Appropriate pricing support

Already an FSS COntract Holder?

Then you know the work doesn’t end after you obtain the contract, you’ve put in the time and the work to get approved and obtain your award, now it is time to make sure the contract continues to be profitable for the next 10 years. 

Our team can be the partner you need to keep your contract updated and compliant. Successful Contract Holders are not only doing the minimum to remain compliant. This means keeping your points of contact up to date, completing your sales reporting on time, updating rates, updating your product offering, etc. 

Our different levels of service packages allow you to decide what work you want us to control and how much. There’s a multitude of items for VA Contract holders to keep track of, and our team of experts will make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

"I would like to thank the team for your assistance in obtaining our VA contract. We understood that the submission process could be overwhelming and we are pleased with how easy your company has made it for us."