GSA Offer Checklist

The GSA Offer Process can be a long and frustrating process if you are not familiar with government contracting or even GSA verbiage. Want to learn how to obtain a GSA Contract? Look no further.

Capitol 50 has put together a guide to preparing a GSA Offer that includes templates to the GSA required questions and documents. Take the guesswork out of what is required to submit a complete offer on your own.

The templates included pull questions directly from eOffer that are not included in any of the documents you can pull from sam.gov, be prepared before you are even ready to submit.

Purchase the guide today for $995.

 Want extra assistance? Upgrade to the Checklist+ and the team will review your documents prior to submission.

Download the GSA OFfer checklist

Includes links to GSA templates and questions required for MAS Offer Submission

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