BIC MAC: The New Way to Secure Govt. Deals

GSA is launching a broadermore flexible best-in-class multi-agency contract to improve how agencies buy services. This contract will replace OASIS  

Why a new BIC MAC? 

  • OASIS ends 2024
  • Limited access to best-in-class contracts for services beyond the existing IDIQ contracts
  • Managing too many contracts, driving up acquisition costs… this offers MAC consolidation flexibility
  • MAS not able to accommodate the full scale of acquisition strategies
Some highlights on the proposed contract:
  • GSA has not decided on an official name… so for now we will call it BIC MAC
  • The new contract is designed compliment GSA’s MAS Contracts, which does not allow for the “full spectrum of acquisition strategies”.
    • This will allow for non-commercial services, a mix of commercial and noncommercial services, or commercial services with tailored pricing requirement
  • GSA is looking into a vetted pen enrollment, like the GSA MAS
  • Based upon feedback from industry and agency customers, the new
  • The initial concept will group service offerings into Domains of a common scope
  • Each Domain having its own qualification standards & reserves targets
  • While most GWACS have a 10-year period of performance, GSA is considering a longer term for the new IDIQ.

Projected Milestones Release

2nd RFI / Capabilities: Q3 FY21

First Draft Solicitation: Targeting Q1 FY22

Final Solicitation: FY22 (Dependent on feedback received from draft RFP)

Who Should Consider the New BIC MAC? 

The new contract is not intended to be an entry level contract, so companies with little government experience may not qualify.  

Services that will be offered are still being considered. Even Though GSA plans to expand the scope of services on the new IDIQ; IT services are not being considered since there are other IT contracts already out there. Companies will have the opportunity to provide feedback on proposed domains when the second RFI is released in a few months. 

What Can You Do to Prepare for BIC MAC? 
  • Set notification is beta.SAM for notices to RFP’s 
  • Professional Services Community on GSA Interact 
  • Reach out to Government Contract Services with questions  


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