BIC-MAC, Services MAC, Oasis+, Oh My! Series 2- Proposal Requirements

For those just joining us, GSA is working on a draft RFQ called Oasis+ that will be the next generation of Oasis and the BIC MAC replacement. This is our second blog in the series regarding the draft so check out how the contract will be broken down here.

The proposal that Oasis+ is requiring is going to be submitted through a proposal management system, though we are unsure as to which will be used. The proposal itself will be organized into seven separate folders by Volume and Title, let’s break them down.

  •  Volume 1 – General
  • Volume 2 – Qualifying Project Experience
    • It will be extra credit to include this section in your submission
    • Can include either Federal or non-federal contracts; either prime or subcontracts
    • But it must meet ALL of the following minimum criteria:
      • A single contract – including prime, subcontracts, and commercial contracts
      • Be a contract or order for services in accordance with FAR part 37
      • Meet or exceed a MINIMUM ANNUAL VALUE of $250K or $150K for QPs submitted by the protégé within a mentor-protégé CTA
      • Be ongoing (with at least 6 months of completed performance) or completed within 5 years from the date proposals are due
      • Cannot have an associated record of negative past performance
    • If you are submitting Volume 2 you must submit three qualifying project experiences relevant to the scope, nonrelevant will reduce your credit.
  • Volume 3 – Federal Prime Contractor Experience
  • Volume 4 – Government-approved Systems, Rates, and Clearances
    • Will receive extra credit for having these
    • Must provide verification from DCAA, DCMA, or any CFA of Forward Pricing Rate Agreements (FPRA), Forward Pricing Rate Recommendations (FPRR), and/ or approved Provisional Billing Rates )PBR), or other approved billing rates that have been audited or reviewed and determined acceptable for generating estimates of costs and other data included in proposals submitted to customers.
    • Must provide POC info (name, address, phone, email) of cognizant DCA, DCMA, or CFA office that determined approval
    • Reference page number and paragraph of audit report or letter that sets forth approved billing rates
    • Need to provide verification from DCMA or CFA of an approved Purchasing System
    • Copy of Offeror’s official Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) report and/or official letterhead from DCMA or the CFA verifying the purchasing system was determined acceptable
    • Government Facility Clearance: indicate the clearance holders CAGE code, Facility Clearance level (FCL) and cognizant security office, verifying facility clearance has been granted.
  • Volume 5 – Other Certifications
    • Certifications will receive extra credit
  • Volume 6 – Past Performance
    • Only considered for relevant qualifying projects
    • Submitted in form of CPARS. If no CPARs exist, Offeror will be able to submit attachment J.P-4 Past Performance Rating Form
    • Evaluated as positive, neutral, satisfactory, or negative
    • Positive will earn 1 point
    • 0 points for neutral, satisfactory, or negative
    • Negative will be eliminated
  • Volume 7 – Responsibility
    • Professional Employee Compensation Plan
    • Uncompensated Overtime Policy
    • Financial Resources
    • GSA Form 527
    • SAM Reps and Certs
    • Organizational Rick Management Plan

If you are planning on submitting a proposal for Oasis+ we would recommend starting to get your proposal team together and work on a draft for submission. Also, keep an eye on edits to the draft, they seem to be happening on a daily basis. If you have any questions post them to the page on Interact page.


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